Words Are My Friends

In life we search for true friends and the best are the books. They are the only ones we can buy from a store. We keep them near us . even when we sleep and as we read from front to end , we keep them on the shelves.
I read and re-read my books for they speak to me each time. I learn to write from reading...that is the reason I made words my friends.
Small yet powerfull, sometimes express more than I thought was true. Sometimes , skip ugly feelings and bitter facts from print. Once written, things remain longer, although the quote goes that words never effect as much as the feelings .
But then, words are feelings expressed in lines..some are straight ..others inclined.
I like to punctuate, to get desires defined... words are my friends..read . write or rewind.
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2012

Very true :)

it is...thank you :))

Now that is true poetry!Beautifully written and well said!

thank you :))