All She Wants Do Is Dance

Sitting at her desk she could hardly wait to leave,

Tapping her feet and her fingers, barely able to contain herself,

The familiar overwhelming energy had returned,

Somehow she had learned to contain it

today was difficult though and all she wanted to do was dance

After work she went to one of her favorite places to walk

Airplanes and and trees

She stopped and took a photo of the B-17

And thought about the dream she learned to fly in

It wasn't her dream but was gifted to her none the less

Two miles into the walk her feet were complaining about the shoes

So she sat down and took them off

It was just the right time... two deer walked behind her

otherwise she would not have seen

Afterwards she went to see her friend for her birthday

and danced the night away

jenvice jenvice
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Nice way to end a day's work, thanks for sharing

Odd what this brought to my mind. Richard Bach's "There's No Such Place As Far Away," a story about visiting a friend on her birthday. He said "you cannot go to be with her, because you are already there."

Interesting thought Connifer and not one I am unfamiliar with. Thanks

I am "stealing" this Connifer