You Are Breakfast

You are breakfast
and the best parts of 6am.

Knowing you
Is how I found out 6am
had any best parts.

I'm the batter on the frying pan.

The smudge of an unborn pancake
next to a platter
of my would- be siblings.

The eggshell that got cracked into the bowl-
that unwanted shard
the one that reminds you
of where you came from..

The grease on a piece of turkey bacon
you tried to be healthy
but I,
as usual,
made sick of the good stuff.

I'm the poorly diced tomato
all mushy,

the cold toast,
a has-been that once touched fire
and now
can't remember how heat touched me
or why it would want to..

to put it nicely..

I'm an unfinished plate.

I wonder if I'll ever will be
breakfast material..
MadamElle MadamElle
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 18, 2012

Very interesting way to describe yourself & feelings. I liked it. :)