Rude People

I am so upset this morning!

I just want to study that's all.

I went to the Financial Aid Office to request a loan to pay for school expenses, and as soon as I walked up there was a rude lady. She had a face that looked like she was in pain; eyebrows pushed close together and lips pressed tight. "I am going to do it" I said to myself, little did I know that the lady would not help.
- I asked "Is there anything wrong?"
- "No" she said plainly

She kept saying something I could not understand, I left the room disappointed that people in school who are supposed to help us, students are not doing their job. I feel heartbroken and hurt because there are many kids, specially freshman who do not know where they stand, and I wonder how are they supposed to come though. I feel sad because it is because of these people who choose to stay quiet that a lot of us make mistakes that could be avoidable. These mistakes mark you for life, and sometimes set you back.

I wish people were more kind to each other, it would make things easier and more peaceful.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Help desks often pose such problem, cause anything operated by people will suffer the mood swings. Reason why, in the past they created "Request Form" "Applications" etc. where they need to process systematically. But when front desks and help desks became popular, people chose the easy route of just enquiring in person, and getting things done in an instant. But little did they know that, there is no document proof for enquiry or application.

Just simply draft a letter, with your contact details and your request .... Just pass it to the lady and wait for a call. You will be surprised that the letter works better .. it will be there as a hard copy for them to handle ... and when they clear the desk, they have a second chance to look at it and read it...

all the best.