A Debate Within Myself

What would anyone do?

School can be hard at times. I feel tired all the time!

Like some people who go to college in the USA I have a job and go to school. Unlike most people I have something called Hypothyroidism which is when the thyroid is underworking. It isn't making enough hormones that our body needs to function properly. Everything works at a slower rate slower digestion, slower release of hormones or no release at all, and the hardest one depression. I take medications, but it is hard to deal with it as just like any other condition it is hard to exactly measure the right amount or drugs that I need. 

This has led me to a debate: should I work and go to school or should I quit my job and focus in school only. This as a consequence had led me to yet another issue: how am I going to pay for bills and metrocards and food!!??

I thought of moving closer to school (10 minutes walk) and not quit my job as I commute one hour by subway from where I live. Not only would I be close to school, but I could rest more and be more stress free about leaving school too late and risking myself to the dangers that the NYC train transportation may provide, and I would also be a 20 minute commute to work. How great?! but i have to request a loan for that.

The only disadvantage about this is that I have to worry more about not losing my job an buying food and being an adult. Also, I only qualify for $3500 when I need $6000 to pay for rent.

My second option is to quit my job and still request a loan that will supply the needs that I cover with the money I earn at my current job. I would still need to commute for an hour to school, but I would not be stressed and tired after working long hours (from 2 pm to midnight, getting home at one and waking up at 6 to go to an 8 am class). I would have more time to study and I would not have to worry about leaving late because I won't need to stay in the library late. 

This may seem like an easy decision for some of you but I am debating what i should do.

What would you do if you were in this situation? how would you handle this, what would you do?
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

In today,s world one need sufficient money as saving. Education has become expensive and is a business and none of them come with any job assurance. Edu loan is kinda bondage and many get into the vicious cycle and get stuck for ever. So it would be good to make as much money first, as education can be pursued antime. Moreover certain courses require age and experience which you would have say 3-5 yrs down the line. So consider options carefully before committing to any degree/ course.

I can't help with the details but I admire how you have framed the question. Whatever path you take you will be further ahead for getting the education and for enduring the daily life you have just described.