My Boo Habitual Courtesy

My boo has been fascinated by slick back hair.. waaay before I met him. I could not understand the concept why but as I began to acknowledge his fetish it became obvious that he carried an inner power over me as I did over him. My first encounter with him was powerful because he just can't keep his hands or himself off of it. He caresses it with the palm of his hands while sending electrifying vibes through my entire body. Almost hypnotizing all my sensors. My boo is very dedicated to my erotic hair. I love when he sensually licks the slick wavy strands of my well groomed hair with his warm tongue. Feeling his warm saliva dripping within the strands and onto my scalp. I sigh as I think of his intellectual behavior. How his erection shows his delightful encounter while being rapped within my soft long tail of curls as he master the gentle art of ************. Yes my boo has completely over powered my sensors at this present time. Leaving me at a submissive row. With his gentle manly voice he states, "My Puerto Rican Princess", do you know what you do to me? Yes boo I know. Please keep your head still I massage my soldier over it and swap my pre-*** all over this beautiful slick wavy silky hair of yours. Mmmm boo I feel you. Would you like to *** over my beautiful hair? Yes please he replies. When ever you're ready my Hunabku. Master of my body and soul and creator of my sensual escapes. Keeping myself submissive as he navigates over my mane. Hearing only the sound of his intense roaring moans of pleasures escalating through ecstasy... Now feeling completely marked by my master as I feel his nature drip down my scalp and down my entire face.
Nov 27, 2012