I Can't Flow...like Iused To...it's Harder For Me To Do Its

Idk what it is I just can't wrap my brain around things as well as I used to I'm not comprehending literacy like I need to like my rockers off idk wtf tilted it or stopped it it's just not as well as it was I'm not the literary genious I Once thought that I was I'm not able to write stuff down and just flow with it like I used to get lost in the words wrap myself up into them make my brain concentrate like ik the old me is back there somewhere in my brain im not doing what I need to do to get back to her like I can't describe the feeling like it starts at the top of my brain and it just flows flows out to my arms my hands my mouth im speaking speaking words that I don't even understand ik them but ik them ik what they mean ik. Where to put them there flowing together and im writing this stuff down and. I can't control myself im just going im flowing its almost poetic how I cannot control it it's loving me and im loving it back and before ik it I'm writing the words that have become a large paragraph and then into a story and then more words and more words and I'm flowing my life is streaming out of me but I'm gaining it all back at the same time and before ik it I have to stop myself because if not ill be stuck in flowing mode all day so everything turns to black and I am done im free my mind flowing with words that feel even better than ******* and I feel it not in my mind not in my gut but. . In my soul.. Where it's supposed to be because before I thought that they were just words...but now I know.. that they're apart of me...and.. I am free...

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Nov 28, 2012