Rough Draft...

I hadn't decided what to write about until I started typing. I have a lot of thoughts constantly flowing through my mind...and they come and go so quickly that often I am just left with a constant stream of ideas working their way through my overactive brain.

I often look at life in a number of different ways...but currently I have this image of it as somewhat of a rough draft. I am busy scribbling away...filling in the pages of the book, but there are sections that need editing, erasing, re-writing...whatever...some things that I wish I could rip out of the book altogether.

I know that this isn't possible, so life cannot really be a rough draft...more like a live show where the mistakes are played out to the audience with no remorse or thought toward the person involved. It is full of positives and negatives, all recorded in indelible ink and there for all to see. We leave this life with a finalised book, a full show....if we are lucky. Not many people leave life during the draft phases, where you are still learning how to be you.

Life is there to make mistakes and learn from them, to change and grow. Evolve...become the person you are meant to be. How do you be you, when you aren't sure who that is? Can you re-write the book and start again? I don't know...sometimes I wish I could, other times I feel that things have happened for a reason that I am still not yet sure of.

A set of lyrics about this always gets stuck in my head....

I'm finding my own words, my own little stage
My own epic drama, my own scripted page
I'll send you the rough draft, I'll seal it with tears
Maybe you'll read it and I'll reappear
From the start it was shaky and the characters rash,
A nice setting for heartache where emotions come last
All I have deep inside, to overcome this desire
Are friendly intentions and fair-weather smiles

I guess this is what life is about sometimes.......finding your way and creating your own scripted pages. I keep scrubbing mine out and starting maybe my book will never end, my live show will be full of screw ups.......but at least I am trying, and learning as I go. I think I will continue with the rough draft, and hope it all comes together in the end.

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Nov 28, 2012