The End Of Innocence

She could hear his drunken stumblings and heavy breathing as he cam towards her room. Her fingers knotted in her blankets in fright with the thought of what he might do tonight. The knob clicked as the the handle opened and her father walked in, stumbling blindly into objects and furniture. Her practically fell onto her bed as his hands stroked her face. His breath stunk of rum and vodka, "Shh, it's only Daddy baby..." Her lips turned in a grimace as thoughts slammed against her skull. He slipped into the covers with her and his hands wandered down her body. With quivering fingers she drew a gun from beneath her pillow, and pulled the trigger. Blood spray across her flannel gown and face, staining the night red... It's funny, the things that turn imaginary innocence to dust.
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Wooooow ur a rely good writer