Penandpaper All I Need.

past 4 years i've wrote everything down. So much easier then having all these counselling people get in your head. I enjoy writing but i find myself getting very emotional when i am doing it. I have a folder, that has all my papers in with everything, my feelings to very single detail. One day i plan to make a book about my life, its my ambition and i will achieve it. I think it would help people because they go through the same, like you? I'm only 16 now, so i will keep writing and planning my future by it. I enjoy English and creative writing too, shows something. writing everything down is like a hobbie, its just something i have to do and i think it helps a lot more then talking to strangers. People deal with it differently but i recommend it to anyone.
behonest123 behonest123
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012