What Would You Do On Your Last Day Of Life?

Yesterday in science my teacher was saying that their has been a lot of crap going around that the world was going to end soon and if it was going to end it would be hit by an asteroid as big as the moon blowing up the whole entire world.
Honestly, I think that's a bunch of Bull ****.
But it made me think. ALOT. Lately I've been confused about god and who he is and what's his plan for us. So some one on my Bus asked what would u do on the last day of earth. I responded the same stuff i would always do
But I would take it more seriously when I listen to music I would really listen, when I laugh I would really laugh. Just think about all the things u do every day u tie your shoes and write name. And now it's the last day u would do all those things. I mean if the worlds ending oh well we are gonna die anyway. I mean like we were kinda born to die
But I'm worried about whats on the other side you no.
My friends made fun of me saying your thinking way to hard about this. Maybe I am. But isn't it Optimistic to think about the future isn't kinda a positive thing. I don't know.

I what peoples thoughts and stuff so comment
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Dec 11, 2012