Paradise Road

The souls on in my shoes were worn and my shirt had been torn. My cheeks were flushed. I was confused why the hell was I walking in the middle of knowhere? Then I saw my friends sitting on the desert ground smoking weed like they always do. I started walking over hoping I could join.
"wow bro what happened to you ?" said my boyfriend karter who had stayed away from the drugs. But I didn't.
"don't know and I don't care" I said. "why the hell are we in a desert" I asked " dude were not in a desert" said my friend Matt
Soon I woke up I was laying on hot desert ground same torn shirt and worn out shoes. My hair was tangled.and then In the distance I saw my friends again sitting in a circle doing weed again I walked over then. Karter asks "wow bro what happened to u?" " you already ask me that and where are we!?" I asked " why r we in this desert place?" iasked again. Matt started coughing " dude....were a desert."
Then I woke up on a hot desert ground in the same shirt and shoes. I looked to see my friends again in the circle then I looked To my other side and there was a broken sign that said
" welcome to hell".
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Next time just keep your mouth shut, and smoke. lol. Jk. There are some dysfunctional cycles we can't break here in the real world that this written work seems to symbolise.