The Written Word

I think the written word is one of the most powerful tools that humans have. Through the written word we can express our thoughts, share personal experiences, explore new possiblities. The possibilities are numerous and seemingly endless. For me I have no greater joy than when I put on my writing playlist and start typing or scribbling away the thoughts all jumbled up in my head.
Consequently, though, I have a mind full of ideas, thoughts, stories, and experiences. As I start to write, with the intention of one thing, I soon realize that the idea has taken a turn into a new direction. I struggle to find the original idea, being lost somewhere within my blackhole of a mind. And even when I have the concentration and dedication to stick to my first thought or idea, my brain seems to work faster than my fingers as I try in vain to write everything I want. I eventually give up, realizing that sometimes the mind is safe place to keep my ideas and thoughts.
Yet, I've been struggling with something, and internal crisis. A feeling of emptiness, lonilness, or something being incomplete. I feel the more I live, the more I think, and the less I share it, the more I lose a part of myself. Call it seasonal affective disorder, but this happens every winter as I put away my textbooks and find myself with an extradorinary amount of time to think and reflect. I've finally realized that the only way to really start filling in the void is to fill it with the written word. To write my thoughts, wherever they may lead, and share them. Even if no one sees what I write, or agrees, or understands, my thoughts and my mind are out there to be seen and that is the only thing I need to be happy. Knowing that I've done my part in using the written word to express the ideas swirling within my head.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Hai.. Nice knowing you thru EP and feels good to meet another writer... Yes.. you are right.. writing is an art and is also a drawing which means to draw out of the mind and manifest the same ... the mind is such a drawer ...