My Own Quotes

"The most difficult thing is to live a life.....its really not easy" (by me)

"You're your own best friend and your own worst enemy" (by me)

"Sometimes we can't have the thing that we like, because we deserve something better" (by me)

"We must perform our duties, our every duty is someone else's right, if we don't perform our any duty then we are not giving someone his right" (by me)

"You get hurt for one reason again and again, maybe because God want you to get used to it and not get hurt for the same reason ever again" (by me)

"I am a good and a bad boy, don't call me good if u don't know how bad I am, and don't call me bad if u don't know how good I am" (by me)

"Forget all the negatives of yesterday and live for today. Life is too short to regret the past!" (by me)
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hey the best part in the post is "by me".

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