A Debate Of Morality

   For the past three or four days I had thought I heard my neighbor hit his wife. I posted a question if I should call the New York Police Department so they could come over. All people told me that I should have called, I did not.
     There are illegal immigrants in my house I know for sure on the first floor. I live in the third one. That is another reason why I did not call. I have been living there for a few years and they have never broke the law or done anything to harm this country. They pay taxes, I know this because they come to me when the time comes. I decided not to call because I did not think that they deserved to be caught for someone else's misbehavior. At the same time I feel like I should have called because they broke the law too, by entering this country illegally. I continued to have this debate until I fell asleep.   
     A few days later I asked my boyfriend if I had done the right thing he said something like "well sort of, in these cases of domestic abuse usually the wife denies the fact that she is being abused," I felt relived for a minute. Today the banging took place again and I had the same debate, and again I did not take action. My next door neighbor called the police because it was happening. The walls were moving and the lamps as well, I was feeling unsafe and in pain because someone was being abused, but I did not want to call and someone else would end up hurt; financially. I know that these immigrants come here looking for a better future. I feel sad if they ever went back and could not give their children the bright future that they deserve, it is not the child's fault that he or she was born. I feel torn by this dilemma. I feel like I am in pain and confusion like when I take off my glasses and everything is blurry, or something like driving in a foggy, cloudy day where you can't see anything. I still do not know what to do.  
     So the police came over today and took the abusive man. It turns out that it was not a man hitting his wife, but a 20 year old hitting a 16 year old. I felt extremely bad that I had not called. Now it was worse this was a child being abused. I had heard the screaming and my bed moved and I awoke. I thought it was a woman because the screaming was of really high pitch.
    I hope that that young fellow does not come back to this house and that he gets send away from this people. I was too afraid to take action myself and waited perhaps someone else would do it for me. I think I was trying to avoid the feeling of guilt because I did not want to hurt anyone, at the same time I was hurting someone because I did not call the police and this child was being abused all the while.
     When the police came over they did not ask anyone for documentation, but the people involved in the incident. I was feeling worse and worse every minute, why didn't they ask for documentation as I had thought? Should I call next time? Something tells me that I should, but again I don't want to hurt these two families by sending them to their poor countries.
     What a dilemma!  
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

You're right!...it is a quite a dilemma, indeed...if you are living alone...it may not be safe for you to act on it...'cause you don't want them coming after you....definitely...if they were siblings, they'll prolly work it out....I mean, that's prolly how "they" work things out.....within their cultural or tribal ways, perhaps, on a nice bright sunny day, when things have simmered down,...then, may be a good time to have a "talk" with one of the "adults"....write down a brief outline for yourself, in advance, and "memorize it...but take it with you when you "talk" to them [him/her], so as to not forget the "important points" of concern...you may want to let them know,[in your own words, of course], that these actions are "against the law"... and if they choose to remain "anonymous", their loud behavior is not the way to do it...you may want to let them know that you "care" about them and would hate to see them "dragged off" to jail, thus, breaking up their "nice" family.......Well, anyway, however you choose to deal with it, just please "be safe"...that, to me is more important....((hugs)...jb....

Thank you jackblasio, there was a resolution, you should read my next post a continuation of a debate of morals