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الثقه شي جميل بين لاصدقاء ولكن عند فقدان ثقتك لشخص ما تبدا بعملية المحاسبه لنفسك بان لا يوجد شخص يستاهل ثقتي به

وهذا خطأ الناس تتفاوت وتختلف كاختلاف اصابع يدك الخمسه

I'm sorry for who doesn't know my language, I will try next time to write in English

Thanks and love you all.
bsoom bsoom 18-21, F 5 Responses Jan 2, 2013

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You write in your own language which represents your culture. When you are able to write in another language and still get the meaning and emotions to your readers.... Then you have crossed the barriers separating the two cultures.

that's true

thanks for your comment :)

please don't be sorry for me , I know English very well , but when I wrote my story I did not in a good mood to write in English.

thanks for your comment

I feel sorry for people who dont know Arabic it invented English numbers because of a trade with India

We have to meet

I sleek Arabic but not good