Fire And Ice

Fire and ice

You came to me and found me broken
I took one look at you and seen you were even more damaged than I
Yet in that one look
Gazing into the clouded darkness of your soul
I seen a little light with the most beautiful captivating colors I'd ever seen
Some where inside my hollowed core you opened a door, I felt a tingle and something more
Seeing those colors clouded like burned charcoal with your embers still faintly alive
I reached for your hand knowing I could possibly ignite a flame 
For I felt hollow as if I were made of wood
Instead of burning to ash
We melded together as if you were fire and I were ice
Holding you I can feel the rage of fire threatening to consume you, 
Yet against me you simmer down and are at ease while melting my ice laced exterior and give me warmth lighting my veins and help me find my center again
In the absence of each other
I left your colors radiant and bright
And you've placed an ember in the hole that tries to consume me
And I can feel your warming glow inside keeping me at peace 
Numbing the pain of our departure
I don't know where we are to go or where we shall meet again
I only know when your brightened embers start to fade and my glow starts to dull
We will find a way to meet in the middle and become whole once again.
Katarina2012 Katarina2012
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

This was beautiful. I loved the imagery of those feelings and thoughts. You did a wonderful job of making emotions a visible story while maintaining their purest form. I enjoyed this very much.