A Looping Existence....

It's hard to understand why we do certain things... It's harder to understand why we want to do certain things...
But the hardest of all is to understand why despite wanting, dying for and crying for certain things we don't even try to do them...
We sit at the window and watch world go about in circles, just like we do all the time and the thing I hate the most about circles is - they never end.
And you keep looping around your own existence.....

If a circle is what my life has to be... let it at least be of my choice...let me choose the color if not the circumference, let me choose the speed at which I loop if not the direction in which I loop... 

And I will cry,
If I ever could realize
what the words would cost?
When spilled on paper
and left to accumulate
some wet and rotten,
some hidden between the lines
still dry.

And tell me why?
Should I not forsake
this bleeding existence
that has me chained
reduced to an invisible wound
Aching to be destroyed
in the face of my dreams
another lie...
cherrytaught cherrytaught
26-30, M
4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I guess this loop is for testing our perseverance to get out of this circle/life cycle.

That was rather great! :)

Thanks a lot dear. :)

Wow poet this is deep! I can really feel what you are saying!

:) Thanks darling...

Your welcome sweatpea :)

"and the thing I hate the most about circles is - they never end."

Great writing, I love this line.

Thanks.... a lot...