Through My Eyes

Every second of everyday somebody is out there fighting with themselves. Fighting the thoughts in their minds. Struggling to find a find a reason to keep going. Searching for a reason to take another breath and live another painful day. Feeling shunned from the world. Feeling broken and alone. Wondering in the darkness looking for even a tiny hint of light.
Lost in the Words of those around them feeling hideous, fat, horrible, useless, worthless, bad, wrong, cursed, unloved, BROKEN. The people they value so much… Don’t seem to see the value they themselves hold.
People all around them fighting, hating, breaking, destroying, hurting, crying, yelling, ridiculing, condemning each other, themselves, and complete strangers. Families fighting and falling apart. Friends betraying and forgetting, Life and the world … No.. Humanity showing them that they are NOTHING. Showing them there is no use in trying.
Meanwhile, people are dying sad, angry, and alone. Going suddenly some violently. Or traumatically. Others suffering long until they go. People are regretting how they treat the departed others not knowing or caring that they’ve gone.
Some people end up living their life behind bars. Living life of crime and hatred. Or drugged up or drunken pushing all those who care away.
Then everyone hurts and cries when things go wrong, yet no one tries to make a difference. Take a look around you… If you’re online take a look at your friends... Know that they are hurting… know that they at some point have hurt… Let them know they are not alone. Let them know YOU are there. Drop the tough acts. Drop the walls. Drop the hatred. Instead open your hearts and souls. And help lift another. Help lift yourself.
Everyone has given up on themselves and each other. They believe it’s too late and they are a lost cause. Well I am here to tell you that it’s NOT too late! As long as you are each given another day… you can make things right! As Long as we live another day there is time! As long as we breathe… THERE IS HOPE!
ymoren21 ymoren21
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013