I've Loved You For A Thousand Years Chapter 1

I've Loved You for a Thousand Years

Rating: M

Summary: "Do you believe in reincarnation?"

Disclaimer: I does not own. Anything I use in here will of course be owned except for the thoughts of the characters alone.

Warning: I write YAOI novels, so if none of you like Yaoi don't read after this warning. Also if you do not know the meaning of the term Yaoi, look it up and then decide if you still wish to continue. Thanks again!


A/N: Okay, so I had been thinking of writing a story like this for a LONG time, but never had the muse for it. And when I heard the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, my muse flared up and has been driving me wild. So I figured I would entertain you with my idea.

Oh, and to make it clear, Yuuki is not a Kuran nor is she a pureblood.
Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow
One step closer
~Christina Perri
It was the mid 1300's and two lovers kissed passionately. "You know they will come for me" A dark haired male said. A silverette just snuggled closer. "I don't want them to harm you" he whimpered. The brunette kissed his lovers forehead, smelling his fear. "They won't, and even if they manage to, I will never leave you Zero" he said, their lips meeting in a fierce kiss. Their legs tangled together under the sheets on their shared bed, and the brunette rolled on top, pressing his silverette lover flush into the mattress as he set to work on the younger mans neck. "Kaname" he sighed, treading long slim fingers through brunette hair. "Zero" Kaname groaned, his face buried into the crevice of his lovers neck. His body heaved to taste his lover. If only a little bit. "Do it" Zero whispered and Kaname jolted upward, wide wine orbs staring into calm violet ones. "But, you'll…" he started but was cut off when the silverette pressed his lips to the others. "It's alright, I want to spend forever with you" he said and Kaname stared at him. "Your family" he said.

"You're my family" Zero whispered, pink dusting his cheeks. Kaname smiled softly. "Then as the moon to witness our union, I promise to protect you and love you for the rest of our pureblood lives. If something should tear us apart, let this bond show us the way" he murmured before sinking down to the silverette to his neck, pearl white fangs glinting in the dark.


"We have to kill him. Murder that son of a *****!" a woman cried, waving a gun in the air. "He's kidnapped our precious hunter, we have to do something!" another cried. "How do we do that? He's a pureblood and were just a group of hunters" one whispered. His doubt splintered the entire group as their shoulders sagged. A lone man jumped onto a bench. "Don't forget, were hunters! We have weapons!" he yelled. The hunters nodded. "For Zero!" they cried in unison.


Zero cried out as fangs sunk into his flesh, pleasure instantly encasing him. He could feel his blood being taken from him, but in truth it didn't disgust him; he didn't know what it did to him. All he knew was that he liked it. Zero's heart began to flutter in his chest and his eyes glazed over as Kaname very gently drew away from his bitten neck. Zero sleepily closed his eyes, but Kaname nudged him and he blearily opened them. "Come now love, we can't have you falling asleep on me" he said a deep satisfied growl rumbling from his chest when Zero shifted underneath him. Kaname ran a fingernail down the side of his neck and he took delight when Zero's eyes flickered red. Zero closed his eyes, whining. Kaname gathered his lover into his arms. "Don't fight it" he cooed, just as Zero's soft plump lips latched onto his neck instantly sinking his fangs into the flesh. Kaname's eyes slid shut slowly as his now bond mate fed off of him. He cradled Zero's head when his suckling became sluggish. The red faded from his eyes and once again became the violet that Kaname had fallen in love with. "Now…" Kaname whispered. "Now, I'm going to make love to you, and touch you here; feel you here" he said, grabbing Zero's ***, kneading the well built and rounded flesh through the fabric of his night clothes. Zero cried out, unintentionally spreading his legs.

Kaname started with his neck, lips teasing the already pleasured bite area; leaving Zero to only gasp and wiggle. Zero was slowly ******** from clothes and coherent thought, as his body tingled from pleasure and the bond. Zero moaned as Kaname rubbed himself along his sensitive body. "What do you want me to do?" Kaname purred. "Take me" Zero said.

And he did.

(Sorry, I didn't do the lemon now because it doesn't key in with what's about to happen)


The mob surged into the forest, weaving around trees, their feet sloshing into the mud. Hands clasped tightly around their weapons. Guns and swords alike; both tingling with power as they neared their destination. They had only one thought on their minds: Save Zero.


Stars light gathered its power to shine through the cracks of the curtains, as it fell to lay rest on the sleeping lovers; mapping out every perfection as it searched for flaws. But it found none.

Zero awoke first-briefly wondering how they had gotten dressed after last nights strenuous activities-, staring at the sleeping pureblood lying on top of him, his face pressed into the crook of his neck. HIS pureblood. He absently traced his lover's cheekbone, marveling at how just one person could obtain such beauty. Kaname's blood red eyes flickered open and Zero faltered in his tracing; violet eyes darkening in embarrassment. "No, continue" Kaname whispered softly, snuggling back into his lover.

Zero continued after a couple seconds of regaining his bearings, and he almost faltered again when Kaname released something from his chest akin to purring. He watched as Kaname's normally pale skin flushed. "Sorry-"he whispered, "That doesn't usually happen". Zero laughed and watched as his lover's heated flesh darkened. "It's not nice to laugh at loved ones" he pouted. Zero just continued to giggle and Kaname narrowed his eyes in mock anger.

His lips instantly descended upon his lover's neck, grazing his fangs on his sensitive bite mark. Zero- to say- melted into his lover's touch, as Kaname mapped out his neck. Kaname's tongue traced over an artery, and he brought his nose down, sniffing the soft flesh; feeling the soft pulse of blood. "Just a taste love?" he asked, red eyes looking at violet ones. "You don't have to ask" Zero replied, and Kaname's eyes softened before his mouth descended upon the inviting neck before him. His fangs sunk into the soft skin and instantly began to suckle; taking small sips. Zero shuddered, his fingers digging into Kaname's shoulders in pleasure. Kaname wasn't taking Zero's life source because he was hungry; no he was taking it because he could.

The next couple of seconds went by in a blur.

Their door was forced off its hinges as a group of hunters ran in. Kaname tore himself off of Zero, who sat up; hand holding the bleeding bite mark. "Were too late!" a woman wailed. "We can still kill him!" a male spat. Zero's eyes widened. No! "Kaname run!" he cried, and in those seconds he said that, a bullet went off and Kaname vanished; the bullet imbedded into the wall. Some of the men shot their guns at the ground in anger. A young man walked to the front of the crowd and Zero froze. "Kaito?" he said slowly, not believing himself. Kaito glared at him. "You were supposed to be mine" he muttered. "You were supposed to love me!" he screamed. "Kaito" Zero murmured reaching out to his long time friend. But Kaito turned away. "Bind him and take him with us, he can still be of use to find the pureblood" he said, and Zero could only look at him in hurt as his hands were roughly bound behind his back.


Being roughly dragged into an open clearing, he was forced onto his knees, the silky fabric of his night pants squishing into the mud; and the blood red shirt that was Kaname's slipped off of his shoulders as it was too big. Kaito walked up to the side of him. "You see this pureblood! This is what we do to traitors of their own kind!" he yelled out to air, and his hand lifted up clenched around a gun; Zero's gun, as the tip rested on the silverettes temple. Zero's eyes widened. They were planning on using him to lure his lover out. No! Don't! But it was too late. Three hunters fell to the ground, dead from where they stood. Kaito grinned stepping away from Zero. "Now this,-"he said "Is a fight".

Zero watched as Kaname took down the hunters; picking them off one by one. Kaito walked forward grinning ear to ear. "For initiating the first attack and killing those hunters you are herby sentenced to death" he said, raising Zero's gun. What Zero didn't anticipate was the gun suddenly whirring in his direction and being fired. Blood splattered onto his face, and Zero let loose something akin to a scream. Zero stared wide eyed at his lover's arm, which was effectively damaged from the bullet embedding itself into his flesh. "You are despicable" Kaname hissed, bright wine orbs glittering with uncontrolled anger. Kaito just shrugged. "It was the only way to land a hit on you; speaking of, doesn't that hurt?" he questioned with mock sympathy. Kaname hissed at him, his brown tresses curling, a sign that he was unleashing his power.

Kaname launched himself at Kaito, who just dodged and once again put his gun to Zero's temple. "Stand down-"he said, "Or Zero will die".

Kaname immediately ceased his fighting and let the remaining hunters bind him, but his darkening aura remained, wrapping around everyone. They forced the normally high pureblood to his knees. "This is a sight to behold, the mighty pureblood Kaname Kuran, forced to his knees" Kaito mocked. Kaname growled and Kaito and the other male landed a punch on the pureblood's face. "Stand down, or Zero here will get it" he warned. Kaname glared up at the younger male. Zero stared wide eyed at his lover, and he started to struggle when one of the last female hunters lit a match. "Kaname!" Zero cried, starting to struggle. Kaname looked at him, with calm red eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be fine" he said just as the match landed on his shirt. As the flames overtook his body, Kaname didn't make one sound. Zero did that for him. Zero released screams and moans for it to stop, tears streaming down his cheeks. When Kaname lay on the ground seemingly dead, with charred and burnt flesh, did they let Zero go. Releasing him, they watched as he scrambled over to the body of his lover. "You are free to go" Kaito said. "You will still be a hunter, we couldn't just kill the last purebred hunter clan" he continued. Zero stared at him with teary eyes. "Let me kill him" he said. "What?" Kaito asked. "Let me be the one to kill him" he said. Kaito smirked before handing him his gun and sword. Zero slowly walked over to his lover. He stared at the burnt flesh and felt his eyes welling with tears. It takes more than that to kill me love. Zero's eyes widened, and his breath caught. He looked at his lover and smiled. Find me in the future, and this time, don't let me go. Before the seemingly dead body of the pureblood could react, Zero brought the sword up to his neck, and in one sweep, he slit his throat.

Zero fell, his blood being soaked up into the pureblood's body.

A few hunters yelled, and Kaito stood shocked, before he stalked away the hunters following after him. "He was supposed to forget about the pureblood, continue on with his life, and fall in love with me!" he hissed. It was a couple more minutes before he calmed down. "Whatever, let's just get the pureblood" he said, stalking back to where they left the dead vampire. Kaito's eyes widened. Where they had left the two bodies, was a pile of glittering crystals covered in bright red blood, and no pureblood. "He never was dead! He just let Zero kill himself like that!" he screamed. One of the older hunters grabbed Kaito's arm, and they left in a fit of rage.


Kaname ran, fully healed. He ran to where he knew he would be safe. To his family.

The doors flew open and Kaname rushed in to the sitting room, looking distraught. Juri Kuran looked at him. "Kaname, what's wrong?" she asked, her soft voice settling the nerves in his body. Doing something he hadn't done in a long time; he threw himself at her lower half and cried.

"Kaname sweetheart, what happened?" she asked. "I lost him-"he mumbled, "I lost him again". Juri's eyes softened. "Do not be at war with yourself, if Zero chose his fate, honor it, and search for him in the future" she said, he small hands petting Kaname's head, gently stroking his hair. "I finally had the chance to spend forever with him" he said, his broken red eyed looking at the woman he had lived with for so long. Juri hugged him. "You will find him again, my son. And when you do, hold onto him with a tighter grip than before" she said. "I'm not your son" he said, his voice muffled by her skirts.

"I know-" she said, "But just this once, let me pretend that you are".



Zero woke up gasping for breath. He looked around his large room carefully, calculating anything that should or should not be out of place. Deeming it worthy, he settled back down into the mattress, only to have his hand shoot out and slap the alarm clock silent. "Damn" he groaned, rubbing his hands over his face tiredly. A soft knock on his door sounded around the room. Yuuki peeked her head in. "Oh, you're awake" she said softly walking in. "Yeah" he said groggily. Yuuki looked at him. "You're paler than normal Zero, are you alright?" she asked, moving to sit on the edge of his bed. "Yeah-"he said, "I just had a creepy assed dream" he replied, crawling out of the warm covers. "Oh, well will you be alright to actually go to class this time?" she asked again. Zero nodded and Yuuki brightened up. "Come on, get dressed then" she said looking at him. When Zero didn't move she looked at him.

"What?" she asked. "Well, if your planning on watching me change feel free to keep on looking" he said, starting to remove his night pants. He watched as Yuuki turned bright and whipped her head around. A couple of minutes later Zero let his knuckles rap lightly on the small girls head. "C'mon" he said and the two set out, walking slowly to their class. About halfway there a familiar presence settled around the hall, and Zero gritted his teeth. Kaname Kuran followed by his loyal friend Takuma Ichijo. As they passed each other, Kaname and Zero locked eyes, and the silverette couldn't stop his cheeks from flushing.

When Zero was long gone did the pureblood let a small smile grace his features, which did not go unnoticed by Takuma.

He is remembering.


One step closer

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