I've Loved You For A Thousand Years Chapter 2

I've Loved You for a Thousand Years

Rating: M

Summary: "Do you believe in reincarnation?"

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Warning: Still a Yaoi...


I have died every day waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

A silverette ran down the walkway, practically throwing on clothes in his haste to make it on time. "Zero, you forgot your hat!" came a call and Zero made a sharp turn to run back up and grab his hat. "Shizuka, what would I do if you weren't there for me?" he asked in a teasing manner, as his nanny fixed his ruffled clothes and did his tie right. "Oh, you'd be at the bottom of the sea by now" she teased back, making Zero's cheeks flush remembering the incident that happened when he was a boy. "Now go on, you wouldn't want to miss your date" she said, shooing him off. Zero threw his nanny a warm smile before taking off again, this time with his hat.

"Ah! So sorry I'm late" Zero said practically panting out his heart. "Hey Zero….are you alright?" came the voice of Kaito Takamiya. Zero looked up at his soon to be lover and grimaced. "That would be a good story to tell the organization. Oh yeah, Zero couldn't make it because he died while choking on the organ he needs to live with" Zero said. Kaito laughed. "I can see the headlines now. Zero Kiryuu, son of the wealthy mayor of our fair city dies whilst on a date" he said and Zero gave him a funny look. "Did you just say whilst in a sentence?" he asked, and Kaito looked ruffled. "Um yeah" he said looking uncomfortable. "That's like the biggest word I've heard you say yet" Zero said in a teasing manner. "Hey!" he exclaimed, and Zero chuckled softly. Kaito looked put out. "Why don't you ever smile at me?" he asked. "It's because I don't want to" Zero replied. Kaito nearly glared. "You need to learn to smile at your fiancé" he said and Zero frowned. "I am only doing this because my father set this up before our births. But other than that, I only like you as a friend" Zero said. "Come on; let us not waste this date. I don't want it to go sour before we even get to it" Kaito said grabbing Zero's hand and yanking him forward. Zero grumbled to himself as he was pulled along by his fiancé.

They soon sat in a small coffee house, looking very uncomfortable. Kaito sighed. "Say something Zero, I need to get to know you better if were to be married soon" he said. "Kaito, this may be a date, but I have no intention of giving you any more information than you already know" he stated. "And I will not be intimate with you" Zero added, looking at the man he was being forced to marry. Kaito stood up and looked at Zero quite icily. "I feel that this date is not going so well, so I will bid you a good day" he bit out, before leaving Zero sitting there in shock. Even if he didn't wan to love Kaito that way, he still loved him as a friend and brother. He tipped his head down, letting his bangs shade his eyes. A shadow fell over him and Zero lifted his head in record time thinking it was Kaito. It wasn't. It was a male with shoulder length brown hair and the most beautiful red wine eyes Zero had ever seen.

Realizing he was staring, Zero blushed and averted his eyes. "Are you alright?" the man asked, looking at the silverette in front of him. God, even his voice oozed pure sex Zero though, resisting the urge to shiver. "Yes" Zero replied, and the man looked at him, "Are you sure?" he asked again. Zero's face fell. "No" he said. The other male sat down where Kaito once was. "Maybe you could tell me…my friends tell me I am a good listener" he said, and Zero's eyes widened a fraction. "But…um, I don't know who you are…" Zero mumbled, using the lame excuse to learn the handsome man's name. The brunette smiled a knowing smile and Zero shifted as if he had been caught. "I am Kaname Kuran, and you are?" he asked. "You already know" Zero said, giving Kaname a funky look. "I know; I just wanted to hear it from you. It makes more sense if we are to start a friendship" he said, letting off a low chuckle. A light blush flitted over Zero's pale cheekbones, and he mumbled out a 'Zero Kiryuu'. Kaname smiled.

"Now what was bothering you?" he asked, and for once, Zero told him the truth; the real one, where he didn't leave out anything. He spoke of how before he was born; his father sold him to be married to a rival's son to stop a feud. And how even though they were to be married, Zero didn't feel anything towards the other besides friendship. Kaname leaned back. "Wow, that is harsh" he said as he leaned back in the chair. "Why haven't you told your father that you don't wish to participate in this marriage?" Kaname asked. "Last time, I didn't get out of the hospital for a week" Zero said, and Kaname felt his eyes widen. "I have not disobeyed him since" Zero said quietly. "How are you disobeying? I say you should find a nice woman and elope" he said and Zero looked at him. "I do not prefer the presence of woman" Zero stated quietly and he blushed turning his head. "Ah" Kaname stated. "Then you would not mind if I helped you finish your date would you?" he asked, and Zero saw something gleam in his eyes. Was it lust? For him? Zero inwardly shivered. And instead of declining like Kaname thought he would, Zero threw a small smile at the man. "I would enjoy that very much" he said shyly.

"So did your date go well?" Shizuka asked, once Zero had entered his room. "No it didn't. I stated that I did not want to have any intimacy with him, and he left quite angrily" Zero stated. "Then why do you seem so happy?" she inquired. "Because I meet someone, and we had the most wonderful time!" he said throwing himself onto his bed. "Oh?" Shizuka asked, smiling at her young master. "He was the perfect gentlemen, and we talked until he had to leave. If he was the one I had to marry I wouldn't mind so much Shizuka" he said sighing. "And what was your perfect man's name?" she asked. Zero was silent before he spoke, and when he did, it seemed as if he was the happiest of all times.

"Kuran Kaname" he said and Shizuka's eyes widened. "Kuran!" she nearly shrieked, and Zero bolted upright on his bed. "That is the pureblood prince!" she exclaimed. Zero shook his head. "I don't care. He was so nice, I knew he was a vampire, and he knew I was a hunter, and yet he approached me" Zero said. "Oh my" Shizuka said covering her face with her hand. "What?" Zero asked, looking at his nanny. "You know I am a pureblood as well" she said and Zero nodded. She had been a friend of the family for generations, and when Zero had been born she immediately wanted to care for him. "Well, it is said that Kaname hasn't taken a mate since his last one was brutally killed. And if he approached you, then you caught his eye. Meaning he may want you to be his mate" she said, and Zero's eyes widened. "W-what happened to Kaname's last mate?" he asked. "That is for Kaname-sama to tell you" Shizuka said quietly, as if she had already said too much.

"I will wait then" Zero said, and Shizuka gwaked at the silverette. "You mean you will see him again?! What will you do if you are caught?" she asked. Zero looked at her with pleading eyes. "Will you help me see him Shizuka? I…I want to see him. This is the first time I have ever asked for something so please" he begged, looking at her. Shizuka took one look at those violet eyes full of hope and she crumbled. "Alright" she said relenting and Zero did something he hadn't done in years. He hugged her. "Thanks you Shizuka, you're the person I can count on more than anything" he breathed. "Do you really like him?" she asked. "I…I don't know. All I know is that I feel like I do and that I can trust him" he replied. "When does he want you to see him again?" she asked. "He didn't say, he just said wait and we'll find out when fate wants us to meet again" Zero said, and Shizuka let out a chuckle. "That is so like Kaname to say things like that" she said. "Now, it is time for you to sleep. You spent the entire day out" she said, and Zero pouted. "I'm not tired yet" he said. "I don't care Zero. Get ready, or do I have to treat you like when you were little?" she asked, and Zero backed away before starting to rid himself of his clothes.

Zero happily walked down the street, his mind caught up in remembering the brunette haired male with red wine orbs. But with his mind occupied, he wasn't watching where he walked. Slamming into a hard body, Zero cursed as he fell to the ground. "Well, it seems the gods do favor us these days" came a deep baritone voice Zero knew all to well. "Kaname?" he asked looking up. And when he saw that it was indeed the brunette, he let a smile blossom on his face. Kaname helped the silverette off the ground, and felt warmth spread in his chest when he saw the smile appear on Zero's face. "I was just thinking about you" Kaname said, looking into violet eyes. Zero felt his body get a little flush. "I was thinking about you too" he confessed averting his eyes when he saw Kaname smile.

They settled into a slow pace as they walked together. "For some reason I feel as if I aught to know you better than I do" Zero blurted out. "I feel the same" Kaname replied. "Same?" Zero asked. Kaname chuckled. "I know you're attracted to me, and I am to you" he said, and Zero felt a full on blush cover his cheekbones. "I don't know why, you're concerning yourself with me. I mean Shizuka said it was because you wanted me as you're mate; but I can't help but feel there's something else too" he said, and Kaname froze a little. Shizuka better not have told him yet. I have to be the one! Kaname thought. "Um, Kaname?" Zero asked. "Yes?" Kaname replied. "Were at the park" he said. "Ah, so we are" he said, motioning for Zero to sit on one of the many benches that were provided. "Did Shizuka tell you how my mate was killed?" Kaname asked after a long pregnant pause, and Zero shook his head.

"No, she said it was for you to tell me" Zero replied. "Shizuka is a wise woman" Kaname said. "Tell me, how does a hunter know the pureblood Shizuka?" Kaname asked. "She's my nanny" Zero replied, and Kaname snorted. "It's funny, Shizuka Hio a nanny" he said laughing. "You were going to tell me about your mate" Zero said. A look of utter sadness crossed his face. My…mate, was killed because we were in love" he said and Zero gasped. "We had finally become one, and then I had him ripped away from me" Kaname said, and his shoulders sagged. "I'm sorry" Zero whispered, and Kaname looked at him. A sad smile ghosted over his lips, and he covered his hand over Zero's. Zero's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, before they closed to half mast, and a contented smile grazed his features.

They stayed like that until the sun went down, not even noticing that a pair of dark brown eyes glare jealously at the purebloods back.

Zero walked into his home with a carefree sigh, only to be bombarded by Kaito and his father. "Where have you been?" his father asked, his eyes narrowing. "Out" Zero answered simply. "With whom?" his father asked again. "No one" Zero replied. "Don't lie to me, boy. I know you've been hanging around a pureblood" his father hissed, and zero's eyes widened. "Yes, that's right. You've been keeping scum company instead of staying by your fiancé's side" he continued, and Zero saw Kaito's smug face, before he narrowed his eyes. "So what?" he growled. "Who cares if I hang around a vampire? He's nicer to me than you two will ever be!" he hissed.


Zero's head snapped to the side, and his cheek started to sting. He felt tears gather behind closed lids. "You live in my house, and you will live by my rules. I am the mayor and you will obey me. You will stop seeing that thing, you hear me?" his father snapped. "Yes father" Zero said brokenly. Seemingly satisfied his father walked off, leaving him only with Kaito; who moved to his side, acting like he was going to hug the silverette. Zero slapped his hands away. "Zero what?" Kaito asked surprised. "Don't touch me" he hissed. "In fact, stay away from me. I don't want to see you until the wedding, and then after that I want you to leave me alone" he growled before walking up the stairs to his room.

Shizuka encased him in a hug the second he walked into his room. "Shizuka, they have forbidden me from seeing him!" he cried. "Shh, Zero. If I know you, you'll figure out a way to see him" she cooed. "Shizuka?" Zero asked. "Yes?" she answered. "I'm Kaname's mate aren't I?" he asked mumbling the question into her blouse. She continued to pet his hair. "It is not my say in what you get to know right now" she answered. "But I am aren't I?" he tried again. Shizuka sighed. "Yes. You are Zero" she said. "But I thought his lover was killed" Zero said looking at his nanny. "There is such thing in this world called reincarnation child" she said. "But if I am, then why didn't he tell me?" Zero asked. "Zero. Kaname lost his lover-your past life-over a hundred years ago. He didn't tell you because he was probably afraid you would reject him" she said. "I want to remember" Zero said, and Shizuka kissed his forehead. "I know you do" she said, "But I can't make you remember, you have to do it on your own" she said, releasing the silverette. "Now, it is after dark, you need your sleep if you are to find a way to see your pureblood" she said laughing when a blush found its way on the stotic hunter's cheeks. "He's not my pureblood" he mumbled when Shizuka turned away. "At least not yet" he added when she left the room, but Shizuka heard him, and her laughter followed her down the hall.

Kaname smiled when Zero walked up to him. "I have been forbidden to ever see you again" he said, and saw the anguish that crossed Kaname's features. He quickly walked up to him and hugged the brunette. "We will make this work. Meet me at the park tonight" he whispered, before walking away, because he knew if he stayed, he would never leave. Zero continued to walk, and Kaito joined him. "That wasn't so hard was it?" he asked. "Just shut up Kaito" Zero hissed, walking faster to get to his home.

Once they did, Kaito slammed him against the wall. "Why wont you understand that I did it for us?" he insisted. Zero spat in his face. Whipping it away in disgust, Kaito slapped Zero across the face. Gasping in pain, he immediately let out a whimper when the light brown haired man punched him in the face on top of slapping him again. "Kaito Takamiya you unhand him right now!" came Shizuka's furious shout. Kaito released him and watched in satisfaction as the silverette slid to the ground. "Get out!" she hissed. "But-"Kaito began. "I said get out!" she yelled pointing her arm in the direction of the door. When he was gone, did Shizuka kneel down to look at the silverette's face. "He hurt my baby boy" she said, and Zero let out a laugh before grimacing. "I'm not yours" he said. "I raised you, you're mine" she said, and Zero nodded. "Just make sure I'm ready for tonight" he said before promptly fainting in his nanny's arms and Shizuka let out a shriek.

Something prodded him awake. Zero rolled around, his hand waving in a 'shoo' motion. "I though you were to see Kaname tonight" came the teasing tone, and Zero shot out of bed, albeit a little unstably. Zero took a couple of deep breaths, staying in the same spot for a couple of minutes. Handing him a jacket, Shizuka gave him a look. "Every one is asleep. It is a little past ten, but don't stay out too late alright?" she said whispering, and Zero nodded before walking over to the window. He mouthed a 'thank you' before slipping out into the cold night. Shizuka sighed. "Oh, Kaname I hope you can have happiness this time" she said quietly before sitting down in a chair to wait for Zero to return.

Zero panted for breath as he ran to the park, hoping he wasn't too late. Ending up at the bench where they sat, he saw that it was empty, and his shoulders sagged. He was. "Looking for me?" came the voice Zero was hoping for. Whirling around faster than he had anticipated he stumbled a bit, starting to fall; but was instantly encased in Kaname's strong arms. Kaname was smirking at him, and Zero blushed. His smirk faded, and he looked concerned. "Who did that to your face?" he asked darkly. Zero lifted a hand and touched his cheek only to recoil in pain. "I didn't think Kaito hit me that hard" he mumbled. "Kaito hit you?" Kaname hissed. "Yeah, we got into a fight about you and so I spat at him" Zero said, looking so innocent that Kaname had to laugh. "What?" Zero asked. "You are too cute for words" he said, and Zero blushed, the red reaching his ears, and traveling down his neck to disappear underneath the collar of his shirt. "Would you like me to heal those for you?" Kaname asked softly. Zero looked at him in confusion. "My saliva has healing abilities" Kaname explained. Zero flushed again, and nodded a bit shyly.

Leaning down, Kaname gently trailed his tongue across Zero's cheek to under his eye. Zero's skin instantly started to tingle and he let out a surprised moan of pleasure. Kaname drew back with wide eyes, before he smiled. "Is that better?" he asked and Zero nodded, his eyes hooded. "I brought you something" Kaname said. Was it just Zero or did Kaname look nervous? Zero's eyes widened when he produced two thorn less roses. One a midnight blue and the other a violet. Zero gasped, taking both into his hands. "Their beautiful" he murmured. "Do you know the meaning?" he asked, and Zero shook his head. "The blue means unattainable and the violet means love at first sight" he said. "There is also a meaning for when you have two roses" he said. "Do you know that meaning?" and Zero again shook his head. "It means, marry me" he breathed out, staring into Zero's eyes which darkened in embarrassment. "Kiss me" Zero said before he could slap a hand over his mouth. Kaname smirked but complied with his wishes. Lowering his head down yet again that night, he slanted his lips over Zero's and kissed him deeply.

Still holding tightly onto the roses, he wrapped his arms around Kaname's neck. When they broke apart, Zero's cheeks were attractively flushed. "Kaname" Zero said gaining the pureblood's attention. "Why didn't you tell me I was your mate?" he asked, and Zero watched as he flinched. "I didn't want you to leave" he said, and Zero saw a fragile man, instead of a powerful pureblood. "I thought that if I made you fall for me and then tell you, you would leave" he said, pressing his face into the crook of Zero's neck, who stiffened out of instinct from being a hunter, but relaxed seconds later. "I won't leave" he said and Kaname lifted his head with a hopeful look. "I admit I have an undoubtedly high attraction to you. And I would love to remember my other life with you, but even if I don't, I will still stay with you" Zero said. Kaname's arms wrapped around Zero's middle, and he hugged the hunter to his chest. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" he chanted over and over again. "Kaname…" Zero said. "Hm?" he asked looking up at the hunter with his wine orbs full of love. "Kiss me again…" Zero said, red blossoming over his cheeks. Smiling softly, Kaname captured his loves lips in a kiss, finally reclaiming what was lost to him.

Sleepily stumbling into his room, Zero made it to his bed with Shizuka's help. Undressing him quickly, she put him to bed with a kiss on his head. Smiling softly, she placed the roses that Kaname had given him, on his bedside table, before she walked out, to go to her chambers for some rest.

They continued this. Zero sneaking out at night to go see Kaname, his secret love, and Kaname showering him with blue and violet roses.

Both lovers were waiting for the right time to finally leave, and be together for the rest of their undying years. But the closer they got, the closer they got to being discovered. And Zero's wedding to Kaito got closer and closer. "Love, you need to go home, you're tired" Kaname said, rubbing his nose against Zero's. "Come back to me in three days, and then we'll leave" Kaname said, before he set Zero on his feet. "These next three days are going to take forever" Zero confessed, and Kaname smiled. "Go home love" Kaname urged, and Zero complied, walking away with a yawn. Kaname walked in the opposite direction, to his own home. When Zero returned, he tiredly undressed himself and climbed into bed, falling into a sleep full of dreams of him and Kaname.

"You're my family" Zero whispered, pink dusting his cheeks. Kaname smiled softly.

"Take me" Zero said.

"Kaito?" he said slowly, not believing himself. Kaito glared at him.

"Stand down-"he said, "Or Zero will die".

Find me in the future, and this time, don't let me go.

Zero gasped, shooting up in his bed, sweat sticking to his skin and hair. He sat on edge and panting for what seemed like forever before he forced himself to relax. "I remembered a little bit" he said to himself, feeling a bit giddy and angry. The sweet memories made him want to sigh and daydream…or night dream seeing as how the moon still shone through his window. But the bad ones, made him want to shoot Kaito in the foot. But he knew he couldn't do that. As much as he hated Kaito for doing that to him, he knew he couldn't injure him like that. Snuggling back into the sheets, Zero waited for sleep to come, exited that he would be able to tell Kaname he remembered, if at least a little bit. Sighing, he sunk back into his sleep; dream filled with Kaname and nothing else.

He had another fight with his father. But this time, the fight was different. They got violent, which ended with Zero locked in his room. Zero banged on the door for the first hour and a half, which ended up with him bruising his hands and wrists. Sitting on his bed, Zero turned the roses over in his palm. They meant marry me. Zero smiled, was Kaname asking him to marry the other? He hugged the roses to his chest. Grabbing his coat he quickly and quietly snuck out his window, making sure no one saw him as he ran to their spot. As Zero had known he would be, Kaname was sitting on their bench. He ran up to him, smiling like the sun was shining. "Zero?" he asked surprised when the young hunter threw his arms around the other. "I finally got your meaning with the roses" Zero whispered. "Were you trying to ask me to marry you?" he asked, and Kaname looked away, a blush going over his cheeks. "Maybe" Kaname mumbled. "Yes" Zero said. Kaname gave him a funny look. "Yes I will marry you" he rephrased, and Zero watched as Kaname's entire face lit up. "You make me the happiest pureblood alive" Kaname whispered before they shared a passionate kiss.

"I remember" Zero said once they had broken apart. "All of it?" Kaname asked with worry. "No, just that parts that matter" Zero replied, and Kaname smiled. "Let's leave now" Zero said, and Kaname looked shocked. "My father and I fought again, and this time he locked me in my room" Zero explained. Kaname nodded. "Alright. We will go to my home first and you will hide there. I have some things to grab before" Kaname said, and Zero nodded before they got up and they left hand in hand.

Sitting Zero on his bed, Kaname quickly left to gather what he needed. Walking on the street, he set to getting his things done faster than a normal human could have. On his way to gather the last thing he needed, he ran straight into Kaito. "What do you want?!" Kaname practically snarled. Kaito merely chuckled. "Careful, if you deal with me, you might not have time to save Zero" he said. Kaname lost it, and he was glad that at that moment in time, there was no one on the street. He pinned Kaito to the wall, his hand wrapped around his throat. "You should be able to smell it by now" Kaito said, and Kaname froze smoke overcoming his senses. Growling like a wild animal, Kaname effectively crushed the hunter's windpipe so he would choke to death on lack of air, and took off towards his home. When he got there, there was nothing but ash. Kaname froze, the things he had dropping to the ground as he sank to his knees. "I-I lost him again" he whispered, feeling a wetness trail down his cheek. Using his fingers to dab at the wetness there, he brought his hand away to inspect.

"Their tears, Kaname-sama" Shizuka said coming up behind him. He turned to her, and her eyes were as broken as his. "He was finally remembering" he said. Shizuka closed her eyes and her shoulders shook. She had lost someone dear to her, and unbeknownst to her, this was the first step she was forced to take into madness. And for the first time in his life, Kaname tipped his head back and screamed.


"Zero! Zero!" Yuuki called waving a hand in front of his face. "Zero!" she yelled kicking him in the shin. That seemed to break him out of the trance he was in. "Class is over" she said pointing to the now empty classroom, and Zero stood up stretching giving off a huge yawn. "Were you really day dreaming or did you fall asleep with your eyes open again?" Yuuki asked, in what she would have pegged as a teasing manner. Zero shrugged, he had no idea, if he was dreaming or not. It seemed so real, and that's what creeped Zero out the most. Dreaming about Kuran? And them being in love? Posh! So a dream. No, more like nightmare. Zero shuddered. "Zero are you up for class change over?" she asked looking at him with a 'do you need blood' look. "I'm fine Yuuki. Geeze, you're such a worry wart" he said. "Hey! Meany!" she yelled.

Zero refused to meet Kaname's eyes during the change over, confusing both males greatly. Why am I so embarrassed when I look at him? Zero thought, mentally scolding himself for being such a wuss. Kaname was confused for a second before he remembered Zero was living his past lives again. And hopefully I can keep this one. I don't think my heart can bear another death of my lover, ah soon to be lover Kaname thought to himself as he led the Night class past the hoard of hormonally screaming Day class girls. And guys. I see them hiding in there Kaname thought smirking to himself.

Both Zero and Kaname locked eyes, and like the previous night, Zero's cheeks flushed, but he tried to hide it behind a scowl. It just made him look even more adorable and even more appetizing. Soon Kaname thought as he walked to class with his Night class pawns. Soon I will have him in my arms again.

I'll love you for a thousand more


Ahhh, such a good chapter. Nine and a half pages with over 5,000 words. I am so proud of myself. This is the longest chapter I have done for any story ever. ^^
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