Red In The White

white blankets cover the ground. He falls as he slips on the icy hard concrete. his face pale and his cheeks are red and breaths in and out cold air . He smiles and laughs still laying on the icy ground. Snow sticks on his eye lashes and nose.
He pulls my arm now I lay on the icy ground. It was perfect. we lie there quite just looking at the sky, he pushes his brown hair to the side.We just take it all in. life is just taking a sometime to think. after all the madness, we can just breath. life feels so untouchable. it's nice calm beautiful and honestly I couldn't have wished for anything else in the world except for this moment. snow still falls on us . he surprises me with a kiss on the cheek and lies back down to watch again. his lips like blood he wraps my hand in his warm palm.
And in that moment , time freezes and very things beautiful snow flakes whisper in our ears. I knew my fairy tale had came true.
T215662 T215662
13-15, F
Jan 15, 2013