Today Mate

This week went okay. Today in math class. My class mate made it seem as if I was very smart. We were doing review, and I basically answered all the questions correctly. I am sort of good at math. I am good at remembering things. But on the test's I sort of mess, because I either don't check my work, or something. Yet my class mates have better marks than I do. They said nice things about me in math, it was nice, but it's not about that class. My day was good. Made some money, spent $5.00 on a large french fry, Leo said that is once in a life time, and Christine agreed. Some people think I eat healthy all the time. But that is not true. I just don't eat grains, or diary because they are unhealthy for the human being. I know all this because I studied it. Thanks to it, I will stay young forever.
Today my friend Leo, sort of touched my cheek, gave it a little pinch. It didn't hurt, but that is his way of kidding around. He said my skin was very tight. That's a good sign, because that proves doing water therapy has made me younger, and that's all forks.
Brandon15shawana Brandon15shawana
18-21, M
Jan 18, 2013