Broken Inside

(A warning: It's not really a poem but just free writing so, yeah xD lol)

Broken, broken inside
My whole life has always been a lie
Dreams smashed cuts revealed
No one truly knows how I feel
I cry, no one cares
It's a horrorific dream that never ends
It's confusing, unrealistic
It's called life.
I hate myself.
I hate life.
I can't connect anything anyone says.
It's just a swirling mass in my head.
Can someone help me?
Can someone explain it to me?
I don't think anyone can.
I must step into the clouds amd find out.
Am I real?
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

very difficult emotions coming from someone so are definitely a writer, dear heart. use your gift as therapy. it will give you peace when life can't. as your life develops, those trival episodes will seem less difficult to embrace. i suggest that you use EVERY experience as a guide to learning. allow them to become teachers in a world where everything is sooo confusing. understand that everything we encounter was put there to lead us in the direction of our life's purpose. so, the difficulties of today will be tomorrow's blessings.