money is power

in an increasingly material world, money is taking centre stage in the lives of many. it is used to measure debt and determine credit, store wealth and reward effort among other functions. overall, money is a medium of exchange. some may opine, 'THE' medium of exchange.  everything is after all denoted in one currency or the next.  currency - the tag given to money variously within different societies who are a part of the whole. you can obtain money in a variety of ways. either way, work has to be done and energy has to be spent. whether you choose to work for it, trade for it, steal it or make it and so on.  using your energy is inevitable. so it  goes without saying that people can be bought for money or through energy. energy in itself implies spending money, losing money or gaining it.  hence a person with a lot of money or money equivalents possesses a lot of energy.  energy is defined as power that can be translated into motion.  in short, money can move things - and it does.  so if you have lots of money (or money equivalents) you have a lot of energy and hence a lot of power.  the law of conservation of energy states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed but can be changed from one form to the next.  thus money can be converted to food to feed the body which will work to spend more energy and earn more money to buy more food at a higher cost and so on and so forth.

when we say ascribe the title "powerful" to an individual or an institution, how often is money or a money equivalent, including people not involved?

money however in it's physical form is merely institution backed legal tender, a symbol of authority, a symbol of trust.  a trust that is universal.  a trust in the global exchange of equivalent or fairly equivalent values of energy throughout and all over.  this concept of money, devoid of the symbolism vested in the notes and coins so issued for exchange and circulated permeates all of us.  it dwells in each of us.  it is a part of us.  it bonds us. it becomes that which distributes our energy across the land, over the waters and transports to places out of this world.

what do you call that which can move mountains, make mountains, empty seas and make new ones, glide the skies and burrow the deeps. bring healing and bring disease. sow peace and wage war. turn brother against brother and unite foes. what do you call that which can change the world. i say it's money.  but like some, will you say it's God?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

nicely written. as one who does't believe in an overarching omnipotent being, money, yes it is powerful. but spirituality and belief in something is equally powerful. think of this past election. all of the money in the coffers of those who backed mr. romney, and all of those desperate attempts to restrict voting did nothing but backfire magnificently.

I've always loved that statement from thermodynamics that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. more apt for me, although simplified: order to disorder...etc.

perhaps mr. romney had the money from the wrong energy sources...