The Era Of A Princess (poem)

Once upon a time…
a myth prodded my mind
the branding iron labeled me
stamped a number
an expiration date
a factory of Princess’
we were meant to be the same
sweet and innocent
blonde, brown, red hair
but our eyes have lost the spark
and our makers lost their care
Barbies off a lineup
waiting for our Ken
told to be ‘good girls’
to cross our legs when we sit
how to smile
and to never spit
but that dream has faded
now the dolls are pierced and tattooed
the era of the Princess
has turned to the era
of an independent attitude
who don’t give a sh$t’
the race to be unique
has led them all to be the same

Copyright Mermanda (AKA prettyeys)- All Rights Reserved
Prettyeys Prettyeys
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013