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I Let My Mind Wander, And Didn'T Think Too Much About Where It Was Going. This Is What It Produced

I work... I work... I work.
I'm three, I'm in a tree.
In everywhere, final clarity.
In pieces in places.
We find,
you find,
I find.
We find, you find, I'm found.

And that. That eats.
That monster flies.
In skies, in minds,
in cold rotten halls it dines.
Feasting, feeding, proceeding.

Souls queue, souls wait,
and with that climbs fate.
Fate is all.
Fate is absolute.
A curse.
Final and first in my own living hearse.
This world, does it burn? Crumble to the urn.

Scattered ashes.
Scattered ashes washed away,
forgotten so I say.
And in this light it's so clear.
And with this light our true fear.
Open eyes.
Open eyes, mean spies.
Seeing our lies.
Do we know we even have a soul?
What a toll.

I ask of all that we open our peepers,
look out for the creepers,
right now we're just sleepers.
Blinded by what we see.
Blinded by that which is thee
and perception will define.
Define that which is mine.
And you shall have thine.

Don't ask what your life can do for you
Follow the clue.
It doesn't sleep
We are the sheep
Unto the mouth of madness we pray
Calling for the day.
Waiting to finally lay.
Spirit and body. In union at last.
No shadow cast.
Just peace.
Jamtree Jamtree 26-30 Jan 31, 2013

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