Lost Child

i woke one night to hear crying....i wiped my eyes..it wasnt me..
i looked around scared, but wanting to know..and there i saw her..
the little girl with the off white dress..her big black bow loose..untied..

i know this little girl very well...she has a special place in my nightmares.
"why are you crying"..i asked, so softly i could barely hear myself..
she looked up...big grey eyes filled with sorrow..tears have left marks on
her face..
"i am you" she whispers...
"i know" i replied..
"your dying" she cried..

pointing at me...i saw how my white sheets turned blood red.. every cut on my body open...blood flowing like a river crying.. i looked at her...the terror in her face was enough to stop my heart...."see what you did" she screamed....
"with every cut you hurt you....you kill me"..

unable to move , bleeding, burning....i see her fading....

i have lost the child in me.
MissBlackMagic MissBlackMagic
31-35, F
5 Responses Feb 20, 2013

We all have our demons. The past can torment. It's good to get let it out in this way..

that was great expression.but shez not dead.

A well written story if this does happen i think you should relax more when you at home and have some fun that always helps me when i feel like that

Magic is back

heyyyy !! i was looking for you!!

You found me. Welcome back

You may have some surpressed memory of things that took place with you. If you have some emotional scars my dear you need to do something for they don't get better as time goes. I see what people become later.

The little girl IS YOU she is your deep conscience letting you know of the pain once felt.

There are many things you can do to overcome situations...

Good luck


thank you for the awesome comment :)