I have tried my best to be the best I am, but if I am still not best or good enough I am sorry, that's all I've got.
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woah... that is sooo deep... do you write alot of things like this? if you do can u send me another...they r awesome...

at times I do. And I will remember to send another to you when I do.

i would adore that...thanks a bunch

do you like drama, music and stuff, i mean i assume you do but im not too sure

I do love musics. They reflect my moods. If you see me nodding my head on my playlist on my phone and the song will tell you what I am currently feeling.

I love dramas;
comedy + romantic dramas(Mostly Chinese ones) = yes!
good + sad+ romantic dramas (Don't really know any examples) = yes!
technological dramas (Fringe, Intelligence, POI) = YES!

Stuff... Hmm.. Meaning books? Short stories? Yes I do. All kinds interest me.

Oh and how would you like me to send the words to you? PM? Or you can just follow me on twitter and I'll tag you when I do have one.

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