I'm not homophobic, but I feel like that word has been given so much power. I say, so what if you don't like a certain type of person, SO WHAT!? You have white people hating other races, threatening them, running them out, and in the past you were physically harming another race and harshly punishing them for being their race, but as soon as I say "please don't touch me" to a white gay man (or any gay man) all hell breaks loose and I'm the devil.. Point being; just because you don't feel comfortable around a gay man doesn't mean you hate him, it just means you don't want his attention. Call the religious people who protest homophobes, not me.. Just saying..
VelPez VelPez
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

My dear, I do not care to be touched by an unknown. Or friends that feel they must poke or press on my shoulder as each word leaves their lips.... I back away from their poking finger and they step forward.
To this I say, 'I hear with my ears. NOT with you pounding on me the way you do.'
My Goodness! I cannot imagine their personal life. How do they react to their family?