Here I am, crying once again. Deep inside my chest my heart is trying its best. Best to keep on fighting, but is it tired of dying, is it tired of trying? i stand by your side even when my eyes cry, and my heart fighting to stay alive. It feels like its being ripped in two and i don't know what to do. I feel so lost and alone and i have no where to call my own. What happened to us? What happened, where did the love go? When did it leave? Why am i left with misery, why am i left with pain, i know i still have feelings for you but why is it over come with pain? When we first got together it was a perfect picture, a perfect story, one i called a fairy tale. But now that i look at it, and read the lines again, and the pages turn
i feel like this is just a old book, where the pages are falling out. The story is incomplete and i don't know the ending. And you threw away the pen, and you ran out of paper. You don't want to finish the story, you don't want the fairy tale, cause if you did, you would take the time to finish it, and read it to me again. Telling me the story of the lost little girl, who fell in love with a clumsy man. Who took care of him, and gave her heart away forgetting that its her's to keep today. Who tried so hard to make him happy, and fought for so long, till her heart started to break, and the love was getting lost. She still kept trying, yet her fight was a loss, she didn't like to give up, and she didn't want to hurt him, but yet he says he loves her, and wants to keep her, but he has stopped fighting, and has left her in the dark. Thats not the ending that i thought of, not the one i wished it to be, but it takes two to write a story, and im tired of it being just me.
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This is AMAZING!!!!! And I feel you, really...