When no one listens to me and my opinions don't matter the world suddenly seems so big. I feel like I am slowly drifting away from everything steady in my life and that all the people I thought cared about me seem to walk different paths.

I am a dreamer, I am a writer. I'd like to be heard and be noticed, not by looks, nor fake personality. I'd like to be listened to, cared for, and care back. Because that's who I am.

I will be here, I will be writing and dreaming about making a change. I will be hoping for my fairy tale, fighting all the bad in the world with success, a happy ending.

But I'll also keep on being lonely without someone along the way. And yes, I am young, but in the world we live in right know the age is no more than a number. Forced to be making decisions without knowing the full variety of choices, or chances to discover them.

So many people had to give up their dreams for security, or they were told to be wise and settle down because they wouldn't make it.

I'm afraid to go down without feeling accomplished. And what if in this short period of time I already made the one decision that made my future dull. Oblivion is not necessarily my fear, my fear is not being satisfied with what I have done.

With that I return to writing. Writing means communication in such a wide range that when people do read my words, there will always be one that feels the same way. And knowing that my struggle isn't something unimportant, unknown or something that's now being taken seriously is for me of the greatest importance.

thank you, for reading
RianneK RianneK
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I feel as if you have summarized my thoughts with an exact precision. I commend you on your wonderful insight and would like to thank you for sharing this. It is good to know you are not alone in your fears; even if only on an online website :)

Never stop being a dreamer, never give in.

Take care,
From just another nomadic spirit,

Thank you, those were the words I needed :)

Writing is an excellent outlet as well a skill. Writers often feel everything far more deeply than others do. Hang in there dear we all feel like you do to different degrees at various times.

Thank you, for reading and reacting.