I watched a video clip today that really saddened me. It was a group of extremists protesting about sending people to hell for not following the same religion as them.
It made me think about my son. He is nearly five, and I worry greatly about the world that I have brought him into.
A world where many people are taught to hate and discriminate against those who are not like them, before they are taught to love.
Where are things going when so many are being given the message that anyone who looks or acts differently to them does not deserve to live?
Or where people are quick to judge the majority because of the actions of a minority? When a minority is extreme, it forces it's voice to be heard. Gets noticed, gets it's message across, but that isn't to say everyone believes the same.
Our children spend their time in school being taught tolerance and acceptance, care and kindness...but too often their adult role models are demonstrating a conflicting opinion.
The people who are acting under so called religious beliefs, perhaps are not reading thoroughly the scriptures that they are following. Or are picking and interpreting parts that best justify what they are doing.
It is difficult not to judge people, everyone does it to some extent regardless of whether they claim they don't. The difference is not judging everyone who looks the same or believes the same thing just because their counterparts have expressed a message of hate.
My son didn't choose to be born into my way of life, so does that mean he deserves to have his life taken from him? I am terrified of the things he is going to have to deal with in his life if the world continues to share this message of hate and separation.
We all live in this world, and should be united in a common goal to show the next generation how we should treat each other.
It really saddens me to think my son already grows up in a world where he can't play outside on his own like I used to. Where people would rather think the worst before they accept a positive.
This is only my opinion and the things that have been playing on my mind. I do not wish to preach at anyone or make them think the way I do, and perhaps it is just my empathetic nature that causes me to hurt over this as much as I do. I just sometimes look at the world and think, whichever god you believe in...surely you can see that they wouldn't want this to be happening?
More people need to act in kindness and not in hate, if we have any chance of creating a better world for our children. They deserve a chance at a better life.
Saintlysinner Saintlysinner
31-35, F
Aug 25, 2014