I guess I wonder if anyone else feels this
A struggle on the inside
If anyone else wanders, broken inside.
Picking up the shattered pieces with their cold battered hands.
I wonder if anyone else lay awake at night just to watch the stars
Or if astronauts lay awake wishing they were on earth, or farther away from it than they are
I think, truthfully, we're all outrunning something
Some people escape it through reading
Others through music
Some writing, or talking, or playing video games.
What I have found is when these distractions are away from me,
When I'm laying awake at night counting stars
These memories drift back up to the surface
People's smiling faces looking up at me.
NeverForgeIt NeverForgeIt
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2014

There's a parasite that eats at us.

Indeed, hard to rid of. Its an exhausting and often confusing battle.