I fear giving people space, I fear them leaving.
Running while they could.
So instead I hold on, I grip tighter.
Even though it means pushing them away.
They say if you love something set it free
And if it comes back, then it really was yours
I fear he isn't for me
So I shall leave him space
And if he decides to stay, then that is his choice
I shall not force anything.
For it is his choice, and not mine.
NeverForgeIt NeverForgeIt
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 30, 2014

This is true because the gripping is based in fear and in your own needs instead of true love which supports and nurtures.

Its just hard to get myself not to cling. I need to focus on what I need in times like these, otherwise I have the tendency to overanalyze, overthink, and cause problems that never existed.

Read up on codependent relationships. It's a type of control to be clingy. Or find a clingy guy and once you feel that energy you won't do it again. Lol

I shall attempt the first one, thank you very much. That truly helped me a lot. I've been struggling with who I am a lot lately and school starting out has definitely got me stressed and meh. Thank you :D