Am I a Writer?

When can you actually say, "I'm a writer?" Is it when it's your full time job or when you've been published or neither? I've started taking my writing seriously and even though I still have a day job and I've only been published online I'm starting to toy with the idea that maybe I can become a writer! I've been challenging myself to write on all sorts of topics and maybe I'm starting to get somewhere! Who knows - maybe that novel won't be as far off as I feared!

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Read as many books in the genre you've chosen as possible. Learn how to write in that genre. Most novelists choose a particular genre. Some choose more than one or incorporate elements of one genre into another.

Read as many books on "how to write" and "how not to write" as you can find.

Find a supportive critique group such as Critique Circle online or a local one.

For me, the most difficult part of writing is editing. The writing comes easy. What inspired me to begin writing my novel was NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). I wrote my first 75,000 word novel through that challenge. That novel became the foundation for my current novel of 120,000 plus words.

There are forums on NANOWRIMO with supportive people as well.

I believe you can do long as you believe in yourself there's nothing that can stop you from living your dream. I also want to be a writer, but I'm just testing the waters by putting my work on sites like these...I keep my fingers crossed everyday that I will inspire someone and in turn that will inspire me to live my dream.