Am I a Writer?

When can you actually say, "I'm a writer?" Is it when it's your full time job or when you've been published or neither? I've started taking my writing seriously and even though I still have a day job and I've only been published online I'm starting to toy with the idea that maybe I can become a writer! I've been challenging myself to write on all sorts of topics and maybe I'm starting to get somewhere! Who knows - maybe that novel won't be as far off as I feared!

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At one point I thought I'd never be "a writer" again. Got a job where I write once more--not exciting stuff, but still a challenge. But most of all, the inner fire is lit again, making me feel like, "I am different than y'all. I am a writer!" --DW

Read as many books in the genre you've chosen as possible. Learn how to write in that genre. Most novelists choose a particular genre. Some choose more than one or incorporate elements of one genre into another.<br />
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Read as many books on "how to write" and "how not to write" as you can find.<br />
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Find a supportive critique group such as Critique Circle online or a local one.<br />
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For me, the most difficult part of writing is editing. The writing comes easy. What inspired me to begin writing my novel was NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). I wrote my first 75,000 word novel through that challenge. That novel became the foundation for my current novel of 120,000 plus words.<br />
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There are forums on NANOWRIMO with supportive people as well.

I believe you can do long as you believe in yourself there's nothing that can stop you from living your dream. I also want to be a writer, but I'm just testing the waters by putting my work on sites like these...I keep my fingers crossed everyday that I will inspire someone and in turn that will inspire me to live my dream.