Feelings N Thoughts

 She started her day determined she'd feel ok but later on felt sad.Something again missing.Something that could make her shed tears once again.Something that she could wait for long but never have.

She wanted to cut herself again.To feel more.But that wasnt enough,she needed something else.What could she do?She could read something,avoiding her thoughts but that wouldnt work and she knew.Cutting wasnt enough anymore.And why?she asked herself.Why?Am i not feeling better?Why i need to harm myself?I know its wrong but still i do it.

So many thoughts but yet couldnt find an answer.She felt a bit lonely.Sad,an empty space.One could only understand if he had the same empty space.She knew she could do so many mistakes while having these thoughts.She looked out of the window.A tear fall.She wished someone could understand,just went near her,just hug her.Just like that,someone to be near her as she felt soon could just fall again on the ground.

-i need to do something.someone to talk.someone to understand but i cant do this.i have to be strong,she thought but somehow deep inside she knew that was just a lie to comfort herself.

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im ok cc...it was old story..some things changed since then..thanku so much.hugs

always write.love u*many hugs

you are strong... this is why you are still here..one day at a time.. keep writing kid.. I'm here for you

lie that i have to say to myself be strong,sometimes coz i dont feel im so strong..<br />
yeah some ppl understand and im grateful..

No lie. Why a lie? Why not come to me, or your friends here? Do we not understand you, do we not want to try? Do we seem to be oblivious and uncaring towards you? If so, then I apologize.<br />
<br />
Pleas talk to me and help me understand sweetheart. Please.