Hearing of Prince's death today made me thinking. Life is Too Short.

If you have a dream, Go for It!
If you love someone, Tell them.
If you want to do something, Do It

Life is too short my friends and throughout my experiences in the last 15 years I have noticed that if you don't do something about it you may regret it for not trying.

Love, hug and kiss that special someone.
Tell your loved one's how special they are.
Share great memories with family and friends before it's too late.

Hugs to you all my EP friends
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1 Response Apr 21, 2016

I don't like the notion of "YOLO", but the truth is that we tend to spent too much time sweating the small stuff without fear midnight ways to really appreciate things.
If you must sweat the small stuff, then find a way to step back and appreciate the effort.