Why Dominic Moore Earns A Million Dollars A Year

Dominic Moore, not exactly a household name unless you live in Leaf land where he has become another of the Leafs great castoffs. Why will an NHL team pay him a million dollars a year? Here is a smart player; a player who works hard, a face-off warrior, a man who scores goals against the odds when he shouldn't, durable, consistent, clean. A grinder in the true sense of the word. Grew up in Quebec, played hockey for college in the states, one of only a few Rangers to score in his first game.

Now the Canadiens want him enough to pick him up from Florida hockey hell for the stretch drive. This guy is a proven two-way player who makes Yannick Perreault look one-dimensional. In a sport where we rationalize millions on a player's entertainment potential, this guy is the case that proves the rule. What happened to the good old days and losing was good enough if you tried your best? Here is a guy who no matter what team takes a chance on him he gets the job done. He may not twirl the puck with a high stick or beat a goalie on flash but he works hard and picks up whatever system is thrown at him. Gone are the days when players were property and owners treated them like assets. Moore is a hard-working player and I would sign him to my team any day.

Does he deserve 1.1 million dollars? I leave that up to you. The Toronto Maple Leafs claimed him, and they gross about 350 million a year, so what is that profit per game? Thirty or Forty Million? Why not give a guy who can be the third line center on any team in the league his due. He goes out there and battles against whoever he has to every night and plays hard. When I was growing up the average salary was $750,000 and the average career was four years. Now the average is down in both cases. The salary cap has crippled the players. Owners and GMs take any chance they can get to save a buck, and who can blame them? The cost has gone up, fans don't want to watch a hockey game, they want parking, and beer and hot dogs and cheerleaders and contests and giveaways.

 I wish there were more players like Dominic Moore

 Money isn't everything, this guy is all heart -- he would probably play for peanuts because he loves hockey that much

Doesn't he deserve his danger pay?

Very soon, the focus of the hockey world will switch to the Olympics and we will all be praising the hyped-up heroes of our game. It is players like Dominic Moore that make this possible. If it weren't for the hard-working unsung heroes of the game the Sidney Crosbys and Alexander Ovechkins would never have gotten a chance. Well done Moore, your surname says it all, "Moore than meets the eye"




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Nice post. Don't know a whole lot about hockey other then what my boyfriend telsl me. He watches Hockey pretty well evey night. I feel really bad about the tradegy that happened to Dominic Moore's brother. So sad. <br />
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When you hear about something that is so tragic I am inclined to believe not just Dominic Moore but all pla<x>yers deserve danger pay for their involvment in such a rough game. <br />
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Take care