She Just Need A Hug..

She run so fast even if shes tired.That girl u'd never thought she would ever ask for a hug or could ever be able to talk to u and she run,run,run with tears on her face and if u ever see her would u be able to stop or would she ever run in ur hug coz all she needs

She sits in a corner crying,something she wants  and its better if someone would just touch her heart but she has her heart locked.

She looks down sad,holding a star in her hands...

she just wants a hug..

few words..

someone to wipe the tears,a gentle touch that wont hurt her ..

but even if she cries she knows that maybe 'tomorrow'' will be better..

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
9 Responses Mar 8, 2010


I wish I could give you some of the hugs you long for.

thanks..hugs to u2

{{{HUGS}}}{{{HUGS}}}}}{{{HUGS}}}}{{{HUGS}}}{{{HUGS}}}}{{{{HUGS}}}<br />

If its hugs you need then you see there are plenty of us here to do that for you. {{hug}}

to u2..thanku tp

heh..hugs jp..