Invention Of The Record

Igor: Mister Edison, what cha doing?

Mister Edison: I’m inventing a CD player
Igor: What’s a CD player, a cross dresser, huh?

Mister Edison: “screaming” Cross dresser, does this look like a cross dress to you?

Igor: Well it could be, “Pointing at the hole in the middle of the disc” right there is the waist…

Mister Edison: Igor, Now honestly do you know anyone with a waist this small and besides who’s the inventor here, you or me?
Igor: I am…

Mister Edison raging mad: You! An inventor! What in the world did you ever invent pray tell?

Igor: Well the time you were inventing a TV member? I said it looks like a light bulb…

Mister Edison: Oh because you named it correctly you’ve become a world famous inventor?

Igor: What about the time you wanted to unlock the secrets of lighting” laughing” going to place it in a jar. You invented the jitter bug touching that old house key. “Laughing” Well Igor this time I am staying with the name I started with and you wait and see some day there will be CD players

Igor: Then if it is not a cross dresses, it’s a record where you can play music on it

Mister Edison: CD

Igor: Record

Mister Edison: CD “repeat first two 3 times ending starting with the second Mister Edison”

Igor: Record!

Mister Edison: Okay a record but first time I see reruns of the Tonight show starring Johnny Carson it’s a CD
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May 9, 2012