Eyes Of Wisdom

Knowledge dropped,you attain to the eyes of wisdom.Ignorance covered,you become knowledgeable,knowledge dropped,ignorance accepted as ultimate, you become wise.There are three types of people in the world,the ignorant,who is trying to become knowledgeable.The knowledgeable who has forgotten his ignorance and the wise who has dropped his knowledge and come to accept his ignorance as ultimate and is no longer making any effort to know anything whatsoever.
sinathamby sinathamby
51-55, M
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

..... I'm struggling to express myself, forgive me..

Its good when one is unable to express,its shows u have so much to say yet the language is inadequate to express. I understand your predicament.

No longer making any effort to know anything whatsoever? His ignorance is ultimate? How can this describe the wise one? We are constantly seeking to learn more. Is making no effort to know anything the state of meditating into nothingness and giving your consciousness over to the universe?

Requires a long answer,but briefly I can say, make effort and a moment comes as effortless and that is meditation.

I understand sina .. as it is a deep and thoughtful subject. The dawning of the light through meditation makes the path easy though as you say. Namaste my friend!