I Would Be With Him

If I could be anywhere else right now, it would be with him. My one true love. Simple as that. See, I'm currently in a "long distance" relationship. (Sort of.) I'll admit it's hard. There's plenty of times I wish he were. Wait, scratch that, I wish he were here ALL the time, but I'll survive. I mean it won't be like this forever. Besides, he's worth it. I envy all those couples that see each other all the time. Lucky. If only they didn't take their loved one for granted. Well, I hope that one of these days, he and I will finally be able to be together and we'll never part. ^_^

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1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Some times being in a long distance relationship, we try so hard to find things to talk about, learn about one another and hope that while we are waiting, we won't run out of things to say or do. I wish you alot of luck when the day comes where you can be with that person. as you said it is hard, best things are never easy to wait for.