In My Days

In my days I've had extrodanary experiences, tragic experiences, all sorts of experiences, I sometimes think alot of myself, I amire who I am at times, I have stories to tell that I want to tell. For me it's like purging my sorrow's and regrets. I have less regrets however as I have done it all ...well almost all ..I still want to do over the New York , Brookland Heights , to be exact.
I once went to Manhatten for a week or two. I visited an old friend who I took Ballet with and buddied around in his VW bug. Stanley still resides in Brookland Heights today, he is an acting coach and wonderful , bright , talented and witty man who is a blessing to all who met him.
Stanley suggested I go to a Woody Allen audition, I did and got it right away, Mr Allen himself choose me to be in a film of his. I heard if you work for him he will see you get a sag card. I wanted this of course but apart of me was afraid to ask others around me for a place to satay as I kew only Royality and famous figures and how do I ask them. I ran around town with Princess of Yugoslavia and actress's Kathren Qxonburg her daught who was a princess in her own right. I went to Calvin Kline Party, in a manhatten loaft.
I went back to La not having believed in myself or life, what was the reason I bailed out of doing this film and pehaps many with this genuis of a man? This is a sore regret.
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
May 15, 2012