I Would Go For It

There may not be another way revealing itself at this time.  Have we searched for the answer?   Timing is important. Was the right time missed?   I didn't see the golden ring to grasp . The heart & the brain gets tired of figuring this & that.   Should have, could have..If only there was any another way...maybe I'll think of something soon .  This thinking is exhausting..everyone needs to stop it. 
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4 Responses Jan 30, 2011

Dear Robert..there's no age limit on this one. You got it right.generally things just work out on their own. We knock ourself out for nothing & will do it again & again. What a drag.!

The worst part is that most time's with me I search every corner over somthing that more often then not, it's right in front of me. Again many time's that I rushed to figure out somthing it just seemed to work itself out when I just left it alone and too many time we are just in too big a hurry. You would think that at fifty four that I would learn by now. Oh Well, maybe somday. : )

Hi Dear Myonis..yep. That dead end thinking goes so far when the days & nights are haunted with seeking a way ..any way for a solution.Been there , done it. Hate it. I get exhausted then finally rest. The way may come to me on it's own. Thank You for coming by . X Owlie

Okay... I'll stop, if only I could have... or maybe I would have,...<br />
<br />
If only we could. The shoulda coulda woulda's can kill you. I hope you find the answers you're seeking.