As I read through the threads on EP I am shocked and concerned at how many of our young people don't think their lives are worth living. One after the other they seem so desperately hopeless without usually saying why. At early ages some youth are simply prone to copy cat acts. But what if there is something more insidious at work? Think about it. What is the one thing that all youth have in common? The media. What if constant exposure to unbridled freedom without accountability; glorification of drug and alcohol use; irresponsible, often unprotected and promiscuous sex, coupled with parents or guardians who are too busy to give the attention to their children that they really need is a recipe to sink our youth before they ever get started? Without the youth we have no future. If the youth are so pathetic and apathetic that they can not bear to see the time when tomorrow comes, we are finished. This culture of anything goes is like a pendulum that has swung too far to one side. We all know what happens to the pendulum -- gravity swings it back with a vengeance the other way. I for one don't want the pendulum to to hang up at either extreme. I prefer it about in the middle. Wake up people, the youth are in trouble and we need to figure out something to do about it. It's not normal to want to die before you've began to live, even with the ebb and flow of raging hormones. Something's going on and we need to get our heads out of the sand and see what the H3LL it is before it's too late for everyone.
Moca2014 Moca2014
Aug 17, 2014