The Touch

You blindfold me so I can't see you and tied my hands so I cant touch you. Silence. I feel your breath against my neck, hot. Your hands going down my sides slowly teasing me. I want to melt at your touch. Your fingers tickle all the right places and my body is begging for you. The slow sensual movements you make against me bring us both to sweet release.
cierrea cierrea
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

hi honey iwill kiss you on your lips slowly then build it up to a fever pitch we continue i move to your neck giving you sweet light kisses then work myself down to your ***** i lick it till you explode after that we start kissing again you kiss me moving down to my **** i push you off lightly and **** the hell out of you till you can,t take it anymore you explode again we hold and cuddle for awhile vinny