I Should've Done That

i am stressed because of my AP class, so i said i hate it, SO WHAT? why should some one insult me just because i said so and i'll probably change my mind later when the final is over. i don't deserve to be called names. from now on i am just gonna block them. i come to this website to get help, not be attacked and feel worse afterwards. omg, that just ruined my day. i actually don't hate the class though, i just hate its final and AP exam. the class is actually very fun. but i shouldn't have to explain myself. I feel like crying right now ;(
Shamandora Shamandora
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I know how u feel with exams and all that. Im dealing with that stress right now for first semester exams. As for the insults, I agree u dont deserve to be insulted or called names. If help from a friend is what u want....U deserve someone like that. Though Im not perfect, I could attempt to help u if u want.