It's Always Nice To See Where, Who And How many are In "The Flock"!

One of the things I made sure that I did, was to put a T on my sex identification, (this is the first board that I have seen with this). I did this for many reasons. A show of pride, an honest explanation to those non gender questioning, A deterrent to the pick up boys (doesn't help a lot as most of them don't read) And to be honest with the straight world so that they can say hey look at her she sounds like a regular person but she is T and I didn't realize T people where just like us. Thus perhaps just changing one persons opinion so as it may help others like me and especially the children that are growing up gender questioning. It also helps other T boys and Girls know that I am one of them.

I so believe that flocks are helpful to each in that flock, and because we are who we are and in so many cases so hard to meet others of a feather. Any group that brings us out/together is a good group.

Hello! I'm Joanie, I'm an mtF Transgender person who presents as often as possible as a woman and lives closer to her feminine wiles no matter how she is dress, while trying to hold onto all of those graces that are and should be traits in all people. Even strength, courage and resolve typically recognized as male, but in actuality have no gender distinction other then what society forces on them. I'm always interested in finding like minded girls/gurls to share with.
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Thanks for sharing

Hi hun I have used the T for 30 years , I love your post and I'm with you all the way. Jeanna

Thank you Jeanna!

Thanks Hon! I'm new to being my female self and it's great to know there is someone else who can relate. I love being transgender.

Your welcome! There are many many of us out here. And you'd probably be amazed at the more numbers if society wasn't so strict on what a "man" must be.

Just reading a message from you is making my day! Xoxo

Thank you amy

with you there hun

I think we all want nothing more then to live our lives in peace and happiness and to have friends with similar interests and values as well as be engaging with others who may not be familiar with those of us like ourselves but interested in learning. Honesty for me is the best policy I think.. as when one of us steps in to the light of day, it helps others to see the sunshine.

Thank you

Your very welcome!

" Speranza mi da vita" is a simple saying we have in Italia that says in English "hope gives me life." From my many years of living this life I offer you a little wisdom void of potions and recipes and tricks to appear for feminine. The mind will give you the highest satisfaction. Little things you do everyday that help you feel a woman, help you feel pretty, etc. are very important to a hopeful mind. The manicure, the pedicure, the walk, the perfume, shopping, hair style, earrings, shave the legs, read love stories, do our makeup, etc. Genetic women know this too. They do little things daily that say, "I am a girl." <br />
You must do the same. These little daily celebrations of our womanhood help us to overcome the other daily reminders that we do not have ovaries or vaginas. If you are walking to your car, walk like a lady my friend. The walk will give you hope, the hope will give you life.

I am, I do.. It's being trying to be the boy for others that I stumble.

I am M all the way, but have nothing but respect for the Ts and Fs who have courageously affirmed the reality of who they are.

Your an M to be proud of, Thank you!

A difficult one. I came on EP as T from the start but gradually felt so much more F I changed it. I don't disown the T, it's just that I am affirming my right to be F, I guess. But T is a very positive thing to be.

It is a difficult one. And it has to be the one that you embrace. For many of my Transitioned/ing friends F is important. I can't/won't take that away from any of them.

MrsJoanieBNH, I love what you said and I agree, I will change my status today to reflect who and what I really am. Thanks for saying it and putting my feet (high heeled of course) on the right track!

Your very welcome! but you didn't need me to tell you what you already knew!

That is true, however I had not given it thought until I read the way you stated it. Thank you again.

thank you as well. We are the least understood of all the diversities, I believe if we can show that we are other then their expectations, they may accept that something other as viable. We can do that hiding. Gender is a very convoluted aspect. It has specific popular markers which cause the majority on those ends ignore all that is someplace in between. By living what we are, we might change that group think.

Oh my Sweet Mamma Hen.. and you I love you so.... I wish you could have been there my confused dear cousin... I think you are awesome.. and he would still be with me and wanting so steal my newest outfit... my husband wasn't so excepting.. which caused many an argument.I love you and all your tenderness. Your family is so lucky.<br />

I see you out there, I am awestruck with heartfelt warmth, I did not know. Message me if you like.

Yes.. I 'h do..been working so I have been in and out. today in a few I have to help a friend with her Psy. paper Prenatal/Ob Care

I never thought about it before, but, since I like girly clothes, I will make it a point to remember what I just read. I'd be proud to walk down the street with you.

Thank you Sedra, I know it's controversial to some in our community, but in all essence, it is what we are. And it's easier to explain to the Muggels. "yes, we don't have the right parts, but we don't fit with the parts we have, can't you just accept me as the person and gender I present?"

well said hun, and i too have a t by my name as well.