I am a T girl! There! I've found myself through your help and support! I have only been a part of your family for a very short time and I cannot believe how many of you are just like me! Does this change me? No and Yes! I'm still me but now I know me! Sounds like rambling but this moment and statement are very important in my quest for discovery! I love each and everyone of you! Hugs and kisses to all my friends and to all my future friends! CANDICE
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I understand where you're coming from you still dealing with your feelings about everything how old were you when you started getting this business I was 7 and you then what I wanted to be I should have been born a woman still have a man it's hard if you haven't felt this way for a long time and just starting to get these feelings taking one day at a time don't try to hide it from you cuz it wont work cuz I always get you frustrated and it's not worth it be yourself

Thank you Kellie!
Hugs sweetie!!!

is everything I would love couldn't get it out

Thank you.

no thank you

thank you and always go with your feelings respect them and just take one day at a time you'll be fine I know it

you sound wonderful good luck to you

Thank you!

thanks baby


i am m/f.can i join you

Of course darling!!

Hi I'm m/f tranny and I'm bi can I join you lot lol


Thanks babe

You are very welcome!!

I will

Big hugs and kisses back at you my "T" friend. I'd kiss you real good if I could

Thank you baby!

I noticed in your title in quotyes there was a small case "t". I feel the same. I want to be a "T" but can't seem to get there. I would so like to meet y if only once. I'll bet we would be the best of friends.

this is the only place I can talk freely on how I have been feeling all of my life and it is good to see so many men feeling the same way.

Gosh I know!! EP is absolutely the most amazing place I've found! And to find so many amazing souls that are just like me!!

Love and kisses right back at you gurl!!

Good for you girl. I'm pulling for you. There really is a special place in my heart for all Tgirls. It's not an easy path I'm sure but I admire the tenacity and bravery of all transgendered. Love You!!!!

I can't believe that I did not give you the respect if thanking you for reading and replying to my story! Thank you!!!

Awww so kind of you. Yes this a very special place for very special people. It's so important to find friends that go through the same trials and tribulations!! We grow stronger by sharing good times and bad times!! A big hug to you!!!! You and all transgendered are in my heart always. We deserve to be loved like anyone else!!!

Yes we do! We don't hurt anyone! We only want to be loved, and live our lives!

Hey, ?what about your little sister

Always even bigger hugs sis!